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Wow! Is it just me or is it that 5 out of every 10 emails I receive are promoting a conference

or special event? It seems churches and ministries are planning special events and conferences on a daily basis. Because of what I do, I have attended over 40 events and 10 conferences in the past year alone. Unfortunately, some of them have been so poorly organized that I personally was embarrassed for the host ministry. We have got to do better!

Events and conferences are necessary to advance the kingdom, attract the unsaved and even fundraise but unfortunately, I have found that few ministries really have well qualified and experienced planners. Too many churches and ministries select volunteer planners to handle event planning. Though committed to the ministry they are often inexperienced with the complex puzzle of putting together a well planned, financially stable and well orchestrated event. One of my favorite sayings is, “Just because you successfully planned your son’s birthday party, does not make you an event planner”.

To those planners that have a desire to operate in a higher level of excellence, I say wonderful! Planners have to know that their churches are depending on their knowledge to execute a well planned event. Thank God for those to recognize Event Planning is a profession that requires on going training.

I’m excited to share this resource tool with you! There is something in this book for everybody no matter what skill level of event planner you are.

Here's a snapshot of what's inside:

Church Consultant and Success Coach

Robin M. Ware, CMP

Dubbed the Digital Evangelist, Robin Ware is a Church Consultant and Success Coach for faith-based entrepreneurs.She works with Pastors and churches providing leadership training, marketing and pastoral resources coaching.As a Coach, she teaches entrepreneurs how to build their own businesses using technology, social media, webinars, information products and of course, their faith!A lover of technology, she hosts up to 30+ webinars a year attracting people from all over the world.  She also is the host of P3: Pray, Plan & Prosper, a 3-day retreat for entrepreneurs who want to build income streams using technology, social media and information products.In January 2018, she launched The B.O.S.S. Academy, a 9-month coaching program for entrepreneurs who want to build their own Speaking or Coaching business and learn how to create information products. Learn more at or by email at 

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