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“Just landed after a 3 hour flight to the west coast. Headed to baggage claim to get our luggage and who is this in a cute little red dress holding our welcome sign? We are being greeted by a woman that is no more than 5.2” and 100 lbs wet. Lord have mercy! Why is she here? She couldn’t possibly lift our luggage. We’ve been on the road for 4 days straight, at 4 different events which equated to about 4 suits and 4 casual outfits and 6 pairs of shoes. Our bags are heavy. She went directly to the artist I was traveling with and started wooing over him. Oh no. She’s a fan. This is going to be a long ride. Needless to say, we collected our own luggage. I looked for a skycap and there wasn’t one in sight. Guess she couldn’t have thought to have had one waiting since she knew she wasn’t going to help us with our luggage. She talked to my artist and led us outside to the curb. At least we wouldn’t have to walk far because I was sure someone else was outside in the car waiting curbside. Why wasn’t she stopping? As we all carried our own bags, she pointed to the parking deck. She had to be kidding. I refused to look at my artist. I already knew he was turning purple. She was talking a mile a minute to him. She was telling him she loved his music. What inspired him to write? Oh brother. She had a friend that could sing and she knew if she could get the two of them together so he could hear him sing, he would be so blessed. Did he think he would have time? We arrived at her car and she popped the trunk. We all looked at each other. She then turned to me with a look that said “I know you don’t think I’m going to lift that luggage". Thank God I traveled in an athletic suit. Think this isn’t a true story? Unfortunately, I have tons more…

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Church Consultant and Success Coach

Robin M. Ware, CMP

Dubbed the Digital Evangelist, Robin Ware is a Church Consultant and Success Coach for faith-based entrepreneurs.She works with Pastors and churches providing leadership training, marketing and pastoral resources coaching.As a Coach, she teaches entrepreneurs how to build their own businesses using technology, social media, webinars, information products and of course, their faith!A lover of technology, she hosts up to 30+ webinars a year attracting people from all over the world.  She also is the host of P3: Pray, Plan & Prosper, a 3-day retreat for entrepreneurs who want to build income streams using technology, social media and information products.In January 2018, she launched The B.O.S.S. Academy, a 9-month coaching program for entrepreneurs who want to build their own Speaking or Coaching business and learn how to create information products. Learn more at or by email at 

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    Hosting Church Folk by Robin M. Ware, CMP

    • Hosting Church Folk (edited version)

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