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Now that your upcoming event or worship service is planned and coordinated, it's time to focus on training your front line volunteers.

Most of us understand that it is inappropriate to eat at a guest check in desk, but you'd be surprised at those that do it because they've never been told not to.

Remove the confusion with my book - The Volunteer Registration Desk Guide. In this quick and easy to read guide, I provide written documentation that can be read in 15 minutes of what's expected of volunteers working a guest registration or check in desk.

Sections include attire, handling difficult attendees, eating while serving, suggested greetings and so much more!

This little gem of a guide should me mandatory reading for all volunteers.

Want hard copies? They are available for purchase by emailing or by calling our office at 678.948.5383.

*This book may not be copied, reproduced or shared. This is a digital download only for the purchaser. Copies may be ordered in bulk using the bulk option.

Church Consultant and Success Coach

Robin M. Ware, CMP

Dubbed the Digital Evangelist, Robin Ware is a Church Consultant and Success Coach for faith-based entrepreneurs.She works with Pastors and churches providing leadership training, marketing and pastoral resources coaching.As a Coach, she teaches entrepreneurs how to build their own businesses using technology, social media, webinars, information products and of course, their faith!A lover of technology, she hosts up to 30+ webinars a year attracting people from all over the world.  She also is the host of P3: Pray, Plan & Prosper, a 3-day retreat for entrepreneurs who want to build income streams using technology, social media and information products.In January 2018, she launched The B.O.S.S. Academy, a 9-month coaching program for entrepreneurs who want to build their own Speaking or Coaching business and learn how to create information products. Learn more at or by email at 

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    Volunteer Desk Registration Guide

    • Volunteer Registration Desk Etiquette

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